Please note that information changes on this page. Here are examples of recent pieces, some are still available for sale. Mosaics are a form of kinetic art; when the light moves the different tiles sparkle and wink at you. If you wish to see a film of any mosaics; just contact me and I can send you a mini film. They really do take on a life of their own.

I take Paypal if any pieces take your fancy


The sun head is an ancient symbol of creation, life and alchemy. This piece is made on mesh so that it can be cemented on to an exterior wall of a garden. It has broken kitchen tiles for the sun rays and Portuguese matt tiles for the face populated with the odd copper gold tiles.

Sun heads were popular as the sign that the early fire brigade  looked for to see if your house was insured. They took the form of tin or brass plaques. In Australia the symbol was a golden fleece.

Helios, (4th century) also called Titan was a Roman deity who drove a chariot across the sky from east to west each night. The fissures were thought to be the gateway to Hades, the home of the dead.

This piece is 50 cm diameter and is yours to be posted (because it is on mesh) for £250.00.

Be the envy of your neighbours and brighten up your garden or conservatory; he is made on mesh so can be directly cemented on to an exterior wall.


When I hear the word bluebird I am reminded of the ‘Bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover. Blue birds don’t live in the UK of course! What is that all about? My bluebird is designed to be cemented to a wall; he is attached on to tapestry canvas so it can be easily mounted on an exterior wall. The canvas will act like velcro next to the wet cement. This sparkly fella would be perfect to cheer up a patio and can easily be posted, as it is light. Blue birds herald from the United States in the Rocky mountains. They are a member of the thrush family and they migrate so they are a symbol associated with warding off winter. This fella is approximately 36 x 42cm


Red Cardinal

Mosaic ready to grout on to exterior wall. It will brighten any back garden patio or conservatory. This bird is in decline; its population has been reduced by 30% in the last eight years. My cardinal is over-size at 35 x 26cm but its actual size is about 21 cm long. They symbolize a visitor from heaven; if you see one, it is thought that a loved one is near by and protecting you. The cardinal is the symbol of many state crests as it represents life, hope and restoration.


A circular plaice

Hot off the press this week end. This item is attached to treated hard board. 55 cm diameter and could be used on a Lazy Susan. A great centrepiece for any table. It is a mixture of matt porcelain tiles, glass tiles, iridescent tiles and copper gold tiles. He really sparkles and is washable. Postage is an extra £12 Uk inland and is included in the price. You can commission a smaller one; just contact me,


Christmas Pudding

An heirloom to bring out and hang each Christmas. Made from smalti, copper gold, cinca porcelain tiles. 35cm shaped mosaic



Fox in the snow Cinca matt tiles and vitreous polished tiles 33 x 45cm £290

Doxie: Made to commission, they are popular and used for kitchen island pan stands 60 x 22cm is the usual size £120

Lyrebird; a curious Australiain songstress £250

House sign example: mixed tiles and a few bits of gold. Commissions taken @ £120

Cheeky seagull – lots of lovely iridescent tiles in this one. £250

Prince of Wales feathers: Gold tiles, murrini made by M Cheek, florist beads kitchen tiles and cinca £390

Slow Loris: Emergence- made during Covid. He climbs down his tree wondering what he is emerging into – a bit like us emerging from lockdown. Smalti, fusions, vitreous and cinca tiles. 42 x 54cm £370

Plaice- pre-grouted circular Lazy Susan or winter barbecue cover.

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