The astronaut connundrum

This is my recent work over the Christmas holiday. What materials have I used? Domestic tiles, florist beads. shell, cinca and vitreous gold veined tiles, mock diamonds, china tea cup sherds, chain, mirror, gold smalti and a marble.

This project took quite a while to get to this stage; the planning and thinking process can take many months as I ruminate on the best way to achieve my goal. This project was definitely a long burn process.

It all started with a marble that I thought looked like a planet. Then of course comes the decision making. The convex mirror was the key feature for me, so that I could achieve a quirky effect for the viewer, when looking at the mosaic, by default, becomes the astronaut through their reflection. I was heavily inspired by the Russian cosmonaut mosaics from the 1960s that still adorn public places. Look them up, they are amazing!

Yu can now see this piece at the Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth until September.

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