Thinking of asking for a commission?

A kiss in Welsh is a sws

Here is a plan and a few pointers to help me, help you.

Do you want to commission a mosaic but don’t know where to start?

How about filling in this questionnaire and I can then give you a quote?



Contact email


What can mosaics be used for? Circle below your thoughts. I would like a mosaic for the :

Garden       Bathroom    Kitchen    Toilet floor   Entrance  Behind some seating   Pathway   A focal point    Fireplace surrounds

What space do you have and the size you estimate that you want the mosaic to be?

What colour schemes have you nearby

What sort of lighting do you have? Mosaics are better when the they catch the natural light

Who might be accessing it? (safety standards required)

Have you seen a mosaic that you like? What is it made from or theme?

Likes or dislikes

What don’t you like?   Strong colours, mirrors, chunky tiles, abstract patterns

Would you want the mosaic to be made from specific mosaic tiles, recycled and found objects or a combination of both?

Deadlines or Budget

Mosaics can be made off-site and brought to site to be laid out.

What is your budget?

Any other considerations?

Making a mosaic is time consuming. Are there any important deadlines I need to know about?

Send this form to me by email

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