The Festive Fox

Foxes are related to dogs BUT they have a feline trait – they can retract their claws! They can also make 40 different sounds; that’s impressive.  And unlike normal foxes this fox isn’t smelly. Foxes are mischievous, opportunists, playful, curious, clever and wise and are often part of folklore and children’s literature, especially in Europe and Asia. What springs to mind is the word cunning. Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox and Aesop’s Tales, oh and then there is Michael Morpurgo.

My festive fox was made as my Christmas card design. I wanted to make something strong in contrast- that is when mosaics are the most effective I believe. I wanted to also emphasise the tail so I designed it crashing in to the opus border. It is a still life technique used to create a quirky composition.

I am particularly pleased with the mix of shiny and matt tiles and the cornflower blue shadow.  His eyes are made with irregular vitreous gold veined tiles so they refract with different lights. Again photography does not do these pieces justice, they need to be seen in the light to appreciate the subtle differences in tile and glint with the changing light. He would hang beautifully in a hallway.

Tell me what it reminds you of.

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