Fancy a glass of wine?

Oh hello, what’s going on here then? A bit of grape pressing in a Byzantine church of the Saints Lot (of pass the Lot) (more later) and Procopius in Jordon. Procopius was a scholar and historian. His great tome of secret writing was planned to be published after Justinian died for fear it might unsettle the readers.

This  mosaic is a section from one of the best mosaics in Jordan situated near the town on Nebo, possibly made in @ 557.  It is  a clever and sophisticated design, mocking a oblong carpet  with an interior of bordered roundels of curving grape vines. The roundels theme depicts general life, harvesting, hunting and domestic animals. The four corners lavishly display  large sculpturally designed acanthus leaves.   The roundels have donkeys, geese, camels, fox. dogs and these grape squeezers, treading merrily away. It is executed with just 5 colours of marble; I love it. All the men have a startled look on their face. To the right is a boy who looks like he is pulling a cork out of a bottle but it is actually an early flute.

However this isn’t the whole floor. Surrounding the mosaic carpet are pairs of animals designed in symmetry. Stags drinking at waterhole, geese that look more like long legged dodos and a Nilotic scene of fish, water lilies  and ibis.

Oh how we miss travel and being able to see rich heritage, thank goodness it has been restored, Lonely Planet say you just need to find the bloke with the keys.

Now about Lot, the Welsh have a saying when at the table, pass the Lot.  If you know your Bible you will know what that is. If you don’t, it is what we have with fish and chips.

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