It is jellyfish time

Jellyfish are a Cardigan Bay visitor. I love to look at them but personally I am a bit freaky when I encounter them swimming. Most are completely harmless. This one is a compass jellyfish, as it has radiating lines come from it’s dish; like a compass. I stumbled across some lovely pink glittery tiles and I have wanted to make a mosaic with pinks, so the opportunity was looking me in the eyes. I have used blue ink to stain the grout to help unify the image.

A small painting first to work out flow and understand the creature better, and how I could create the flow.

Other Jellies in our seas are the barrel jellyfish; yes, it looks like a barrel or a mushroom. The moon jellyfish that has circles on it’s cap, and By The Wind Sailors wash up on the sea. This season we have had the odd Portuguese Man of War. The curious sail was the inspiration for my sail fish mosaic. This is made from vitreous tiles but the flag is part of a favourite mug I broke.

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