My ‘side-hustle’ has been recognised!

An acknowledgment for eco status -Yeah

Right from its inception, I wanted to be a business with a zero carbon footprint. I haven’t achieved that completely, but my walks have. I call my burgeoning business a side-hustle, as it starts to build. May I say a big thanks to Foxhill Preserves for supplying me with locally produced elderflower and ginger cordials to give to my guests. This is always received well and because I wheel my trolley around like an old lady; and walk to the venue, I am completely zero baby! I am closer than I think to zero carbon footprint though. My mosaics commissions, when working for schools start with gathering from the community to see what we all have before considering purchasing anything. I use no mechanical machines or electricity as I prefer to work in daylight; you see the colours better. I do have a new weapon though, thanks to the award, a new industrial hand tile cutter with a laser beam for accuracy. I feel like I am in Star Trek. She been knick-named already; Big Bertha.

In early October I was recognised with a Green Goal Award from Focus Futures (Dyfnodol Ffocws); one of 14 businesses in Wales to receive a monetary award and free business advice for a whole year. It was a bit of an odd event drinking a chilled glass of chardy on my own in front of a computer screen, but us all travelling would have been a bit of an irony considering it was all about being sustainable and sensitive to the environment.

Walks have quietened now the season has ended and the weather has been unkind to us. If you haven’t come on a walk, I will start them up again next season.

Post Script: What appealed while I was sitting there was was the blue and orange! AND… a very rare happening; I was wearing lippy! Nice image even though the computer is propped up with cook books. This girl knows how to have fun!

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