New bathroom; a time to be creative

It isn’t everyday you can make a splashback just for you. And it isn’t everyday I have tiles arrive on my doorstep deposited by tile fairies. It makes me happy!

So to set the scene, we have sat in our front room for over a year in lockdown with a spanking new bath behind the sofa! Yes, really! You see, we had to await for the planets to align; getting a plasterer, plumber, electrician and builder together in one spot and agree to our whacky concept…to make a bath bedroom using as much recycled pieces as possible. Simon chose an industrial look. The original concept, a bath under the stars, and wow was it worth the wait.

Time for me to include more upcycling… a recycled old butler’s sink and old tiles behind the revamped sink taps. What was my inspiration? The swirling eddies the sea makes as it washes and retreats back to the abyss. Big Bertha was used to help make this and make a range of different tile sizes plus a scallop shell for good measure. I have used mirror, old kitchen tiles, cinca, smalti, vitreous tiles and florist beads; as I move around and see it from different angles, it winks at me. I love the dab of iridescent gleaming from the florist beads, juxtaposed next to matt and shiny tiles. – a very satisfying job, who wants something similar? Not available on the High street!

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