Why I love Aberystwyth

There are plenty of people who talk Aberystwyth up, but for me, I want to highlight the attractions that aren’t immediately obvious. Perhaps you are considering stopping by or you are coming for a University Open Day. I highly recommend you park outside of town and take the slow path. It isn’t worth rushing your experience.

But to begin, with I have to address the elephant in the room. The sunsets. Wow, they are magnificent and delight us; we all talk about last night’s display and the starling murmuration in winter! No more to say really – last week I saw the Green Flash. Yeah! There’s plenty to keep you busy when you are here, but I am going to mention places that aren’t usually mentioned. A shout out for the wee ones- our independents that make Aber special.

Penglais is always lovely any time of the year. It’s free. In this article I use What Three Words as locations. ///headings.pigment.intervals The woods are especially nice during bluebell time, they smell divine, but they are also a place to hear woodpeckers and even come across war enactment games as part of an Medieval Undergraduate Society. You never know what you might stumble across. I often stumble a bit of Land Art.

Cegin Jonah’s kichen is a real treat for fish lovers…///kinks.carbonate.dart – add the Bottle and Barrell (a craft beer shop) to that for a perfect combo. ///enclosing.scrambles.operating

Our wonderful independents…are too many to mention, that is the overlooked beauty of Aber, but here’s a shout out to my favourites. Go to Driftwood Designs for some local souvenirs ///outwards.stud.sprayed. You can pick up a flier and map from there that highlights all our independent shops; Red Vintage, Ultracomida, Pollys, Medina, the Cook shop, Coastal Antiques, Rummers Bar, the Glengower, Commodore Cinema, No 21 Flowers, Closet, The Bank Vault, Aberdyfi Ice-cream, Little Bookshop by the Sea, Saphan Thai, Kitty Fisher and Pwdin. Really, there are too many to mention.

Look out for Y Beic Chai / The Chai Bike, she’s in bright pink on an e cargo bike delivering her home-made freshly roasted masala chai.

The Arts Centre has great things going on nearly every night and the International Potters Festival in 30 June 2nd July 2023 is amazing, plus they have a dedicated ceramics gallery in the basement with changing exhibitions. ///slumped.handlebar.remain

I haven’t even mentioned the Poetry Festival, The Big Tribute Festival and the Cycle Fest.

Llanbadarn church has some lovely gems inside such as early Celtic Cross. ///collides.talking.wider

Aber Adventures is based in Borth, their adventures usually start at ///linen.highly.nerves and will cater for your kayaking and SUP adventures. In town there is Aberoutdoors too.

Pendinas Hill for a breezy and nippy walk with spectacular views. There is currently a dig ongoing up there. Look for the cannon like pedestal on the hill to the south of the town. You can access it off Penparcau Rd. ///opened.touched.slate

Not forgetting the Funicular Railway, but everyone always mentions that. ///cello.measure.watch The Rheidol steam railway can take you all the way to Devil’s Bridge for a high tea at The Hafod. Its not listed on What Three Words, but it is close to ///blinking.sides.optimists

If you want to learn more about Aber, here is a cheeky plug for my heritage arty and social history walks delivered in the high season. Check me out on http://www.aberdabbadoo.com

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