A clutch of sirens

The last lot of grumpy mermaids leaves the house today. I’ve been making these girls for over 20 years on and off. They are made to house air plants or witches broom plant; the mouth drains excess water. This batch have lost their tail and I’ve sliced their arms off as a nod to broken classical sculpture. No wonder they are grumpy! They are about 18cm high, made from terracotta and cobalt oxide that gives a nice patina. They work best when one is talking to the other and set on a mantlepiece – I have also called them conversation pieces; air heads and grumpy sirens. As the design has evolved they have gotten more grumpy. This is the lockdown version! Each has a different expression and they kind of emerge; I have a plan but they make themselves!

If you wish to have one I will add your order to the next batch. £28. Just let me know.

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