Sail fish

Ooooh what a week. I filled in the census and found that I had lost a year! That was sobering news! This little fella is just a sheer piece of whimsy. It started with a pebble – his eye; remember that from a few posts ago? I had also been reading about Portuguese men of war jellyfish, they transport themselves with a sail. and then the idea starts…anyway, using a little complementary colour to make the image sing, I have used glass beads, millifiore, a sherd from a favourite tea cup made by potter Pru for my flag, Portuguese cinca (of course) ceramic tiles and vitreous tiles peppered with iridescent tiles in the background. He’s bright, jolly and perfect for this grim part of the year. Sail away on a sail fish and forget all this Covid rubbish! He is for sail / sale. Haha just contact me.

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