A pop-up garden gallery – June 2021

Last Sunday I held the garden gallery event to showcase new work. I was intensely working on my chimney pot project in full sun. The skills was new to me…different glue, vertical surfaces and multi-tasking talking with the public. You could view from the pavement and all very safe. I’m not a mad fan of the glue or adhesive, its a bit messy, so I need to do a big clean up before embarking on the grouting process. We live and learn, but the exterior adhesive does work if a bit fiddly. I will then seal the interior of the chimney and remaining exposed terracotta with brick sealant. It will return as pot on a chimney stack, but not the third floor; the scaffolding costs are prohibitive.

I was rather relieved to finish and make it to the end as I did two stints, setting up and talking to folk after a day’s work. Nice as it was to see people and enthuse about mosaic, I won’t repeat that, the Covid isolation has weakened my social skills a bit.

Next post is diving back in to the 4th century!


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