Whales from Wales

A little diversion from mosaics in this post. This idea of a whale shark salt cellar has been ruminating for about 7 years. I had to purchase extra clay to finish my big batch of moaning mermaids and I had some clay left over – I pounced on the chance to get the salt cellar made. My family have always had a salt clear in the house; salt is of course an essential element to life – in moderation of course. Ancient scriptures describe the union of salt as a significant element in a binding agreement. Think of the phrase ‘worth his weight in salt’ in fact the word salary (salarum) stems from the soldiers allowance of salt. The bible has a Covenant of salt – Chronicles 2 13.5. An Irish tradition tradition for a betrothal was a union of salt; each partner  would contribute a pocketful of salt to seal their union and make their promise by joining the two bags together- it is also a symbol of good luck. Who throws a pinch of salt over their shoulder?

It seems appropriate then, that these whale shark salt clears can sit decoratively and functionally on your kitchen workbench. Just purchase some salt and a little spoon and away you go. He sits on plastic pips so not to scratch the kitchen surface.  A reminder of the significance of this element for the early preservation of meat and fish.

Who do you know who is getting married and would like a present of a salt cellar; or you just might like it for yourself. I have one left that will be available to view at my pop-up garden studio. 20th June.

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